Coton de Tuleár - chovatelská stanice From Cotton Home

Coton de Tuleár - About us and our kennel

We live in east Czech Republic, near Heřmanův Městec, in village Načešice.
When I was deciding about having small dog, to my growing sons, I wanted a dog who will do me company when my sons and my husband spend their time on football and ice hockey training or matches. I wanted a dog that will enjoy our garden but first of all, dog that will accompany me at home indoor. That was the main reason I decided for a small breed. As I am not a couch potato and I do enjoy sports I also wanted a dog who will easily handle physical activities, simply no sofa dog. I found a coton de Tuleár and now I know it fits to my demands completely.

O nás We bought a girl Cornelia from Mrs. Remsova from kennel Best of Cotton. She immeditely got used to us. She was very fast to assume costums of our household, learnt basic commands and within very short time won hearts of all of us. She is a sweetheart of my husband, whose formal oppinion was: "Dogs do not belong indoor!!!". As she became member of our family we did not want to leave her at home during our activities. In winter she is accompanying us to mountains and in summer to sea. She deals well with car, although trips are very long from time to time - once over 1300 km - over 24 hours drive was no problem for her.

She is very king to people she does not know and does not bark without reason. When we leave her in a room during our stay on mountains or by the sea, she does not bark, cry or bother any other way people by her presence. She waits patiently until we come and take her for a walk. No one ever complained about her and she never harmed anyone. She is very nice, quiet and patient. At the same time we have a lot of fun during our games. We go jogging several times a week and my 6km are no problem for her!!
Now I know Cora was a good decision for me. She is making me company at home and during sport.
Our kennel „from Cotton Home“ was registered in FCI 5.8.2005.


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